Stephanie Jordan

As a public speaker with 2 years of experience helping people find their own paths to happiness in their lives and relationships, I'm available for speaking gigs across the South and Southwest. I am open to other areas of the USA if you are able to provide travel. Whether you have a specific topic in mind or you'd like to book me for an exploratory interactive talk, I'm flexible about what you need.

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Common Topics Include:

From spiritual retreats to local groups, I provide speaking services to various individuals and organizations across the South and Southwest region. I am available for other areas with travel support.  Book me to talk about boundaries, marriage, parenting, or all things biblical at your upcoming event.

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Marriage, Divorce, Widowhood

My unique experience and insight into the world of all possible journeys of marriage; divorcing at a young age, becoming a widow, blending a family, and building marriage make these topics ideal talking points for my engagements.

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Want to learn how to build healthier, long-lasting relationships that make life so much happier? I have published my book, Believing in Boundaries. I am passionate about boundaries and the importance of understanding and setting boundaries to create a life you’ve always dreamed of.

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I have birthed five incredible children. I gained 4 extra kids when I remarried. Raising nine children through home-schooling, hormones, and business ownership has granted me plenty of patience – and ample material to chat about my faith-led approach to parenting. I love to talk about all things about God’s gift of children from birthing to when they fly the coop.

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Women’s Issues

If you're struggling with motivation, depression, or life is just getting you down, my guidance can provide the inspiration you need to overcome any challenge by taking it one step at a time. As women, we have so many issues and challenges we face each day, but God has a passionate love for His daughters and I love to share it with my fellow sisters.

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Everything Biblical

Studying scripture for over a decade, God has revealed so many beautiful truths that I love to share. From Bible stories to spiritual warfare, Jesus’ redemption and the power of the Holy Spirit  are favorite topics. As a dedicated Christ follower, talking about God's love and holiness concerning salvation, boundaries, parenting, or any other area is a key area of interest. 

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living, diets, and holistic healing

I know how it feels to feel like you are dying on your inside and cannot figure out why. I came to the end of myself with my poor health in 2019 and changed everything. My approach to food, eating, understanding and desire all changed into a new way of living. My passions for whole foods and holistic healing are the ideal accompaniment to more in-depth areas of lessons, providing key areas for improvement to enhance your life from within.

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As a fully-qualified Enneagram coach, I work with audiences of all shapes and sizes to help them understand how understanding our core motivations: core fear, core desire, core weakness and core longing, develops our personality and how we relate to the world around us. We need to awaken ourselves so that we have a better understanding of our reactions and behaviors so that we can operate out of our healthiest self and love others better through Christ.

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When I first met Stephanie she was a wife, a young mother, and a hairdresser. I later discovered a gifted teacher and anointed speaker too. Our church was hosting a ladies' retreat. We were spending the weekend seeking after God. Ladies of all ages were attending, and one of the youngest was Stephanie. Little did I know that Stephanie was our main speaker and teacher leading us on a closer walk with Jesus. I remember walking away from that retreat amazed at the wisdom, knowledge of the Bible, anointing, and spirit-filled way she lead us into God's presence.

The life experiences Stephanie has been through in the last 10-plus years, not only brought her closer to the Lord but also made her a better teacher, speaker, and now author.

Patty Moore

Stephanie is a wonderful human being. I have served alongside her and also had the honor of hearing her speak at conferences. I always enjoy her presentation because her passion motivates me. Her enthusiasm gives me hope, and her topics are fun. She is creative, well organized with her delivery, well researched and always presents with integrity, love and truth. Her knowledge of the Bible is vast. She has worked with many diverse communities which gives her connecting points and experience to talk about many things. She includes her audience and always talks about usable ideas. She is a fantastic, unique, intelligent and determined. I’m honored to know her.

Staci Self


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