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Believing in Boundaries is my first publication, covering a topic that’s very close to my heart. Using biblical teaching, I help you learn about and understand how to establish and maintain healthy modern boundaries in your life. With more than 20 years of experience, my debut book provides a clear route to follow to achieve healthy relationships, heal from codependency and leave toxicity behind.

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The Death

Have you met Death? Shadowed. Darkness. Annihilator. Unexpected.

If all the fears of every married woman could be combined into one story, this is that nightmare scenario, which turned into a testimony of God’s infinite faithfulness and passion for life. The Death Tsunami is both a story and a life lesson. The journey will take you through my building of life and family with Jay, to the very unexpected life turn of widowhood with her five children.

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A thought- provoking and soul-affirming read. Jordan draws from her own remarkable life experiences and empowers readers to define boundaries in relationships with the people and culture around them. Although some my cultural views vary from the author’s, I appreciate her passion to preach from her heart to inspire others. I also enjoyed her humor and the powerful scriptures woven throughout the text.


I especially liked the tie end made in reference to God's way and His approval . Knowing that everyone is not going to approve but the Lord will be with us . I've been apart of so much that has been covered in the book but I feel the blessed assurance of God . I will keep the book and refer to different parts of it from time to time in order to help others. 


There is a lot of knowledge packed into a tiny amount of space here. I know a lot of people whose relationships suffer because of their inability to set boundaries. I would highly recommend purchasing this and giving it as a gift to those people as a subtle way to help them gain knowledge. We all need help setting boundaries and this outlines natural borders already set in place that foreshadow how we should also set natural boundaries with others- it's the law of the universe. I applaud her for trying to help others and for being so passionate about it. I've listened to her podcasts as well and would highly recommend those.


I love that this book gets to the heart of the matter. Stephanie uses her stories and Scripture to break down what is actually happening in relationships so the issues can be seen clearly and addressed. Her humor, honesty, and truth-telling make it easier to accept our responsibility to ourselves and to others. Great read!


Reading Stephanie’s book has taught me just how important boundaries are!! With not only those close to me, but in business as well! I have also had the privilege of listening to her speak. She’s knowledgeable, Christ centered and firmly grounded in her beliefs!

Erin Trudo

I have had the great privilege of sitting under the guidance of Stephanie’s words both in public settings and in private conversations. She has a fervency for the word of God and a desire to see people transform their lives and guard their hearts. She is a great teacher, speaker, author, and one spunky hair artist. I am grateful to have Stephanie in my life.

Lindsey Blackwood

When I first met Stephanie she was a wife, a young mother, and a hairdresser. I later discovered a gifted teacher and anointed speaker too. Our church was hosting a ladies' retreat. We were spending the weekend seeking after God. Ladies of all ages were attending, and one of the youngest was Stephanie. Little did I know that Stephanie was our main speaker and teacher leading us on a closer walk with Jesus. I remember walking away from that retreat amazed at the wisdom, knowledge of the Bible, anointing, and spirit-filled way she lead us into God's presence. The life experiences Stephanie has been through in the last 10-plus years, not only brought her closer to the Lord but also made her a better teacher, speaker, and now author.

Patty Moore

Stephanie is a wonderful human being. I have served alongside her and also had the honor of hearing her speak at conferences. I always enjoy her presentation because her passion motivates me. Her enthusiasm gives me hope, and her topics are fun. She is creative, well organized with her delivery, well researched and always presents with integrity, love and truth. Her knowledge of the Bible is vast. She has worked with many diverse communities which gives her connecting points and experience to talk about many things. She includes her audience and always talks about usable ideas. She is a fantastic, unique, intelligent and determined. I’m honored to know her.

Staci Self