What to Do When Trust Is Broken

Are you aware that almost 20% of people aren’t happy with their romantic relationships?

One of the biggest issues that even the happiest couples will face at one point is broken trust. Some people feel like a big betrayal marks the end of a relationship, while others believe that they can work through anything as a team.

Experiencing a loss of trust can be devastating, but the reassuring news is that you can heal as an individual or as a couple. Read on if you’d like to know the top tips to follow when trust is broken.

Figure Out If Fixing a Relationship Is Worth Your Energy

There has to be a point when you ask yourself if there are too many relationship issues that you’re facing. If you feel like someone has broken your trust beyond repair, then sticking around to fix it unsuccessfully could only intensify your pain.

Be honest about the nature of your relationship and ask yourself if you’re willing to put in the amount of work it’ll take to repair everything.


Discuss Why the Trust Was Broken

If you’re ready to move forward and repair trust, then you have to have a discussion about why the trust was broken in the first place. Listening to their side of the story doesn’t excuse their hurtful actions, but it can help you empathize with them and take steps to prevent betrayals in the future.

Be aware that this may require you to make some changes to your lifestyle if you want to salvage the relationship.

Set Boundaries

If you’ve been betrayed, then it’s understandable if certain behaviors would trigger you in the future. Reflect on what would help you feel more comfortable so you can start rebuilding trust.

If you betrayed your partner, then make sure you listen to them and honor their boundaries.

Keep Communication Open

It may be a cliche, but communication truly is the key ingredient to a fulfilling relationship. Find ways to communicate with each other so that both partners feel safe enough to be 100% open and vulnerable.

If you ever need time to process new information, tell your partner that you need time to think instead of responding impulsively.

Be Patient and Kind

Rebuilding trust isn’t something that happens overnight. Do your best to avoid getting discouraged and trust in the process.

During this healing process, make sure that you’re extra kind to yourself as you work through these difficult emotions. If you ever feel angry, work through it in a productive way rather than lashing out at your partner.

Now You Know What to Do When Trust Is Broken

Healing is tough when you realize that trust is broken, but you will get to a happier place with enough time. As long as you follow these tips, you can create more space for love and joy in your life.

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