How to Find Your Enneagram

Did you know that you can use your enneagram to find out about your personality traits and how you relate with other people? 

There are lots of tools and techniques to use if you want to learn about who you are. But some tools are more effective than others. 

By taking the time to find your enneagram, you’ll empower yourself by gaining a better understanding of what your core motivations are based on: core fear, core desire, core weakness, and core longing. We’ve created a guide to help you understand how enneagrams work. Keep reading to find out more. 

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Enneagram test takers often don’t realize that the tests are subject to error. If you want to get the most accurate results, try your best to be honest with yourself when you are taking the test. 

Answer each question as you are, not as you want to be. This will give you the best results possible. You can work out the “as you want to be” part with deeper work in the enneagram. 

It will take you less than fifteen minutes to complete the YEC enneagram test. 

Figure Out Your Core Fears and Desires 

enneagram test

There are certain parts of your personality traits that will change during the course of your life. But your primary enneagram number will always stay the same. This is because the test measures your core belief systems. 

While other personality tests measure what people do by assessing peoples’ behaviors, the enneagram test measures why people act and think in certain ways. 

After you take the test, take the top results and take time to examine your core motivations. One of these motivations is your core desire.

Even though you will probably resonate with several of these motivations, you’ll find that one of these motivations is connected to the essence of who you are. This is your core desire

Go Slowly and Be Honest 

Even though it can feel uncomfortable to find out your enneagram number, it’s also a good tool for finding out how smart you are. 

People often only look at the negative aspects of their test results. They have the tendency to obsess over the undesirable aspects of their personalities and problems that they notice. 

If you don’t like the way that it makes you feel when you find your type, don’t worry! There is no such thing as a “bad” personality. This gives you room to improve areas that you may not have even noticed before. 

Take time to inquire within yourself by asking honest questions. Take a few moments to reflect on your authentic life experiences. Looking deeper into your actions and behaviors in life will help you understand how your core motivations are driving them. This opens up an entirely new world to yourself! 

There is no enneagram type that is better or worse than the others. Everybody has unique gifts and skills. And everybody has room to grow. 

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The Enneagram and Relationships

The enneagram helps you learn more about yourself and your core motivations, but it can also help you in your relationships. If you are a parent, it will help you better understand your child and how they operate.

If you are married, you know that oftentimes, you and your spouse don’t see things eye to eye. The enneagram can help shed some light on the areas that need a little more understanding to help have a healthy happy marriage.  You and your spouse can both take the assessment and learn your primary numbers, and then also work through a program specifically based on your two numbers within a relationship. 

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Find Your Enneagram Today 

If you are ready to find your enneagram, it is important that you take the right test. You’ll also need to be honest with yourself while you’re taking the test. Your Enneagram Coach offers enneagram courses from a Christ-centered perspective. If you would like to become an enneagram coach, click here.

Are you ready to gain more insight into what your enneagram is and how to use it to empower yourself? If so, I am here to help you. Don’t hesitate to contact me to find out more about my work as an author, a speaker, teacher, and a certified enneagram coach.