Following God’s Ways Teaches Us How To Set Boundaries

God set boundaries in the foundation of the earth. God has set boundaries in relationship with man as well. God designed boundaries to keep creation in its place. This helps us feel safe on earth. God designed boundaries for man so that we can have freedom and be safe in that freedom.

As image bearers, it is important to understand boundaries and why they are important. Here are 4 examples to help you understand how to set boundaries like God did. 

  1. God created earth and all the universe’s elements. He created each of them with boundaries that help keep us safe and help keep the world functioning well. Storms happen everywhere and that is usually when these elements will create chaos. Fortunately, God only allows it for a small window of time.

    – If the ocean violates its boundary, it looks like a tsunami or hurricane. 
    – If the sun violates its boundary, we would all cook from electromagnetic radiation
    – If the vegetation overgrows and catches fire, it destroys everything around it. 

    You didn’t create the earth, but you do create your own personal world. Setting boundaries around where you live, how you live and what you accept in your environment is within your control. Make sure that you set the boundaries that will keep you and your family safe and out of chaos as much as possible. When you encounter chaos, it will be more manageable because of the boundaries that you have set in place.
  1. God set boundaries in relationship with man. God has incredible love for us and His desire is to be in relationship with us. However, God cannot be in relationship with sin. Romans 3:23 tells us “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” He sent His Son, Jesus, to free us from the separation that sin creates and so we can have an intimate relationship with Him as saints. Full restoration requires us to accept the full work of the cross AND to turn from our sinful ways and change our behaviors.

    We must set boundaries with those around us who hurt us or mistreat us. We have to separate ourselves from people who do not have our best interest in mind so that we can protect ourselves from people who are unhealthy for us. Before you let anyone back into your life, you must see long term proof that their behaviors align with your boundaries and that they will not mistreat you again.
  1. God set boundaries with acceptance of Jesus as a requirement for a personal relationship with Him. The Bible tells us that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life and no one comes to the Father except through Him (John 14:7). God also is very protective of how we treat the Holy Spirit. Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is the only unforgivable sin mentioned in the Bible (Matthew 12:32, Mark 3:29).

    It is critical for us to set boundaries around the way others treat our spouses and children. Our intimate family is absolutely the most important relationship for us to protect. We cannot accept or allow others to abuse or mistreat the ones we have been gifted to be in covenant and parental relationships with. If someone talks nasty about your spouse, you need to set a boundary around that relationship. If someone is mean to your children, you will need to remove them from any exposure to your children. These relationships must be first and foremost protected with strong boundaries. 

I hope seeing how God uses boundaries to protect us, and protect relationships He values, helps you begin to understand the value of boundaries. When you first begin to set boundaries in place, it may be intimidating, but I promise that you will be thankful for the safety the boundaries create for you and your loved ones.  

Boundaries are never about trying to control others. If you try to set them for that purpose, that is called manipulation. The purpose of boundaries is to build safety for your heart, mind, and emotions. When those areas feel safe, you will always be at your best!