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Meet Stephanie

Hi! I’m Stephanie Jordan. I have been a hair artist and stylist for 24 years. This career has given me the opportunity to learn many life experiences and to walk along with people through their life journeys.

With my passion for sharing the love of God and life-long experience of building healthy, meaningful boundaries with the people I appreciate the most, the leap from cosmetology to author, speaker, and teacher was the natural next step. As an eager romantic and non-traditional Christian, I want to be a unique voice for God that other modern families need. 

I have been married, divorced, widowed and redeemed. With a blended family of 9 amazing kids, I’ve had plenty of real-world challenges and proof for putting my words into action.

I look forward to encouraging, challenging and inspiring you along your journey of life to learn more about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and setting healthy boundaries.


StephaNIe Jordan

Author | Speaker | Teacher

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My Mission

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Inspiration is the first step to making big changes. My passion for my work and for God helps me inspire people from all walks of life. Through that inspiration, I give you all the tools to build your boundaries and approach relationships in a new, healthier way.

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Challenge is what makes the world interesting. By overcoming difficulties and achieving great things, it’s possible to make fundamental changes in your relationships and life. I'm here to create content and give you tools to help you every step of the way, using my experience and faith to get you where you need to be.

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Whatever your goal or plan, I’m your biggest cheerleader. Through encouragement and support, I help people to set boundaries and achieve healthier, happier relationships with the people around them. If you have something to work towards, I’m here to spur you on to success.