4 Boundaries to Set in All Relationships

Healthy relationships don’t come easy; they’re cultivated. A healthy relationship doesn’t mean that there won’t be any conflict or arguments, but learning how to communicate with each other will allow you to make it through conflicts.

One thing you absolutely should communicate about is boundaries. Boundaries are important because they lay out where you stand on certain topics or expectations and will help prevent potential conflicts in the relationship. Boundaries are not made in order to control others but to create safety for the boundary setter.

Boundaries are meant to protect your mental health and sometimes physical safety and should be discussed throughout the relationship. Here are four boundaries to set in a relationship to help it remain happy and healthy.

1. Physical and Mental Boundaries

Physical boundaries refer to how your partner should interact with your personal space, body, and privacy. You may want time after work to relax and need time alone. Allowing for that space in a relationship will ensure that you get the mental recharge you need to be a better person.

These boundaries can also refer to how to deal with each other during conflicts and fights or how you want to be touched romantically or physically.

2. Intellectual Boundaries

You and your partner may have different ways of thinking, different opinions, and different mindsets. You two may see life in different ways, and that will lead to varying opinions about different issues.


Set an intellectual boundary that respects you and your partner and the ideas and perspectives that may cause a difference of opinion. This will help during tough conversations and help aid in communication that leads to healthy relationships.

3. Sexual Boundaries

This is one of the most important boundaries to discuss in a relationship. Sexual boundaries lay out what is acceptable and unacceptable when it comes to physical intimacy.

This can be anything from what you like in bed to how you approach sex. It also refers to preferences and fantasies. It’s incredibly important for both partners to be comfortable during sex, so this should be an ongoing conversation.

4. Financial Boundaries

Money is often the cause of many arguments, and they can often escalate or get ugly. Prevent conflict by discussing financial decisions, especially as they arise as the relationship continues.

How will you split the bill for dates? If you move in together, how will you split rent and household responsibilities like utilities and groceries? How will you pay for trips, activities, and emergencies?

Set boundaries about how much money is contributed mutually and then what you each can spend freely. Working together as a team is very important financially to the health of relationships. It’s also important to remember that money isn’t a means of control for anyone.  Having a discussion about the money you mutually spend or for any large purchase is wise.

Understanding Boundaries to Set in a Relationship

At first, it may feel like boundaries are limiting the relationship in terms of what you or your partner may be able to do or say. However, that is not the case. Boundaries are in place to protect the relationship and protect each partner’s mental and physical health.

These four boundaries to set in a relationship mean you care enough about the other person and the relationship that you want to protect it. Boundaries also mean you’re willing to protect yourself.

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