3 Inspirational Biblical Women That Everyone Should Know

When you read the Bible, you can learn the story of Jesus and the creation of Biblical people like Adam and Eve. But did you know that in the Bible, less than 15% of all named characters are women? This can make it challenging to find Biblical women for other women and young girls to admire and learn from.

There are 188 women in the Bible, but only 93 of them ever speak, and only 49 of these Biblical women are named. Women also say a combined total of just 14,056 words, comprising 1.1% of the Bible.

However, some wonderful and inspirational Biblical women are still worth learning about. Keep reading below to learn more about these three inspirational Biblical women.

1. Sarah

In the Bible, Sarah and Abraham struggled to have their own son. But God promised them a son. Even when Sarah was facing old age and unsure of her ability to produce a child, she began to trust God’s timing. Ultimately, God kept his promise, and Sarah and Abraham were blessed with a son named Isaac.

Sarah’s story is particularly inspirational to women in modern times, especially those who may be waiting for their miracle of a baby to happen. Trusting in God’s timing and remaining faithful will sustain them through their journey to motherhood. 

2. Ruth the Moabite

Ruth the Moabite represents selflessness and compassion. When Ruth’s husband dies, her mother-in-law Naomi encourages her and her sister-in-law to return to their lands of origin and leave her. But Ruth chooses to stay with Naomi despite this. 

She is loyal to Naomi and returns with her to Judea, a place where Moabites are viewed as inferior. Ruth helps her with her crops so that they do not starve. Although she is grieving the death of her husband and is not connected to Naomi through blood, she remains faithful and by her side.

Later, Ruth remarries a wealthy landowner named Boaz. Her story serves to show that with loyalty come rewards for unselfishness. 

3. Mary

Mary is the most famous of all Biblical women since she is the one who carried and gave birth to Jesus Christ. Mary was betrothed to Joseph, yet God chose her as the virgin vessel for Jesus, the Savior.

Not only was this a huge blessing and a big task for one so young, but she gave birth to Jesus in a simple manner. There was no room at the inn due to the census that had been initiated. Mary showed unbelievable strength and the beauty of grace in fulfilling the divine purpose God had given her. 

Mary’s story shows us that sometimes we will be tasked with a heavy obligation. We must find the strength and faith to persevere through these challenges gracefully. 

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